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Posted by on Jan 4, 2015 in Skincare | 0 comments

Docteur Renaud – Carrot Scrub Detox

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Docteur Renaud Carrot Scrub Detox Review

Docteur Renaud is a French natural cosmetology brand founded in 1947, it is now part of the Nuxe Group. The products all contain active ingredients taken from fruits, vegetables and flowers – some of which include raspberries, apricots, coconut and carrots.

This New Year I’ve been concentrating on my skincare and the product that I have been trying out is Carrot Detox Scrub*, a paraben-free exfoliating cream that harnesses the power of fresh carrot cells which help to revive the radiance of the complexion. Other ingredients include white clay, jojoba beads and bamboo powder. Anything with ‘detox’ in its name has to be good for New Year, right?

Docteur Renaud Carrot Scrub Detox

I have been using Carrot Scrub Detox once a week. I had imagined the product would be orange in colour given that one of the main ingredients is carrot, but it’s actually white with tiny orange exfoliating grains in it and it has a pleasant sweet vegetable-y scent. It’s quite creamy and soft but the grains do feel quite abrasive on the skin so it’s important not to rub too hard.

Docteur Renaud Carrot Scrub Detox 2

I really like this Carrot Detox Scrub and it has taken over from Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Refiner Cream as my favourite scrub. I don’t notice a difference in my skin straight after using the Docteur Renaud exfoliator, but the next day my skin feels really smooth and a dry patch that I’d had on my cheek for a couple of weeks disappeared after just one use.

There are other carrot products in Docteur Renaud’s Radiance Skin Care collection – including Carrot Invigorating Cleansing Foam and Carrot Anti-Pollution Radiance Cream.

Docteur Renaud Discovery Travel Bag

Carrot Scrub Detox is included within the brand new Docteur Renaud Discovery Travel Bag, a  zipped travel bag containing smaller sizes of some of the company’s most popular skincare products.  This set would make a wonderful introduction to Docteur Renaud products for those who have never tried them before, the Discovery Travel Bag contains a 15ml Raspberry Soft Mask, 15ml Raspberry Soft Cream, 50ml Raspberry Cleansing Water, 15ml Carrot Scrub Detox, and 5ml Apple Eye Cream.

Docteur Renaud Skincare

I was also sent this mini duo of Docteur Renaud skincare samples* to try out, they are Azulene Calming Serum and Iris Lift Cream. I know it’s difficult to get a thorough test from samples this tiny as there isn’t enough product to use for long enough, but from what I’ve seen of them I am pleasantly surprised.

Azulene Calming Serum is a pale blue colour which shocked me a bit at first because serums are usually white or translucent. It feels light and cooling on the skin and gives skin a slight ‘tight’ feeling until you follow up with moisturiser. I used this at night over the Christmas break when my skin wasn’t at its best (due to eating and drinking too much!) and it kept it clear and bright.

Iris Lifting Cream has been developed for combination and oily skins so is a perfect choice for me. It’s a rich moisturiser and is one of the only rich creams that I have been able to use without getting spots. The ingredients include Iris, Yam, Royal Jelly and Jojoba Oil and it’s part of the Docteur Renaud Anti-Ageing Skin Care Programme. I’d definitely think about using Iris Lifting Cream again, it’s perfect for the colder weather when my forehead and cheeks get dry but it’d probably be a bit too rich to use in the Summer.

Docteur Renaud Product Review

So what do you think of the Docteur Renaud brand? Would you be tempted to try it? I’d definitely be interested to try some more of their products, I love natural beauty and I think they use some really innovative ingredients.

Carrot Scrub Detox is priced at £25 for 50ml, available from Docteur Renaud. Just for comparison, it’s exactly the same size and price as the Clarins scrub that I mentioned…. so if you usually go for a well-known brand exfoliator why not take a chance and try the Docteur Renaud carrot scrub….

Discovery Travel Bag is priced at just £25, making it an affordable way of trying out a selection of products from the brand. Unfortunately it’s not yet available on the Docteur Renaud UK website just yet, but can be ordered from Skin Evolution by telephoning 01452 864574.

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*PR samples



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