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Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in Random | 0 comments

Do you have trouble buying jeans to fit you?

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Levis Curve ID Jeans

No matter what your size shopping for jeans can be a nightmare. I always used to struggle buying jeans, but that was before I went to Levi’s. Now I don’t buy jeans from anywhere else.

I have large hips but a small waist, and always had problems with the back of the waist of the jeans feeling loose and gaping. I know lots of girls who have other problems finding jeans – they can’t find the right length to go with heels, or the material feels tight around their thighs/calves, or skinny styles always look too baggy. Ladies, I recommend you visit your nearest Levi’s store!

Levi’s sales staff are the key… they are really helpful, will accompany you through the whole of your visit, and they won’t let you leave until you have found your perfect jeans. The sales staff really know their products and will suggest different styles and sizes to suit your body shape.

Levi’s now size their ladies jeans using ‘Curve ID’. Their styles are split into three different shapes based on three measurements around your waist and hips (this determines the ratio of the hip measurement to the waist measurement). The three shapes are:

  • ‘Slight Curve’ is for a straight up and down shape with less definition between the waist and the hips
  • ‘Demi Curve’ is for a shape with some curves and some definition between the waist and the hips
  • ‘Bold Curve’ is for a curvy shape with more definition between the waist and the hips (think Beyoncé!)

Levis Curve ID

The photo above from Levi’s shows the difference between the three Curve ID shapes.

Once you have worked out your Curve ID you then pick your jeans in your usual size, in that shape. For example, I am a Bold Curve 29″ waist (about a size UK11).

Curve ID isn’t based on how big or small you are – you could be a size 10 with a Bold Curve, or a size 20 Slight Curve. Curve ID is about determining your shape.

It is definitely worth getting measured at a Levi’s store. The prices of jeans start at about £85, and while I know you can buy jeans cheaper elsewhere I feel it’s worth spending the extra money on a great quality product that actually fits!

I bought 2 pairs of skinny jeans from the Levi’s store in York at the weekend (see the photo above) and am really happy with them.

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