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Posted by on May 8, 2015 in Skincare | 4 comments

Dibi Milano – Pure Perfection Sebo-Balance Cream & Cleansing Gel

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Dibi Milano Pure Perfection Sebo Balance Cream and Cleansing Gel Review

I’d never heard of Dibi Milano before a couple of weeks ago, but I have a feeling they’re going to be big news over the coming months. It’s one of Italy’s best-selling skincare brands and they’ve recently launched here in the UK. Their products are split into seven product lines, each one targeting a specific skin issue including sensitive skin, dull skin and wrinkles.

I was sent two products from the Pure Perfection range, aimed at oily and problem skin, which help to balance the production of sebum (oil) and fight bacterial growth.

Dibi Milano Pure Perfection Sebo Balance Cleansing Gel

Pure Perfection Sebo-Balance Cleansing Gel* – this is a translucent pale golden cleansing gel that you can use morning and night to cleanse the skin. I found it a bit strange because you expect it to foam when you apply it but it doesn’t, it works a bit more like a cream cleanser in that you massage it into the skin then rinse it off with warm water.

The bottle is very rigid and I found it difficult to squeeze the product out, but once you do it feels really cooling on the skin while you are massaging it in. The active ingredients include Azelaic Acid Complex and this is what fights the bacteria on the skin, helping to reduce the flare up of acne and blemishes.

I do think overall that I prefer a foaming cleanser particularly for morning, but if you like a cleansing gel then it’s worth a try and my skin does feel squeaky clean after using it.

Dibi Milano Pure Perfection Sebo Balance Cream

Pure Perfection Sebo-Balance Cream* – this moisturiser is also for those with oily skin, dilated pores, shiny skin and combination skin, and once again the active ingredients include Azelaic Acid Complex to help combat bacteria.

The white cream is actually really thick – it reminds me a bit of a paste made with water and flour! I thought that it might feel too heavy on the skin, but it sinks in quickly as long as you only use a small amount, and it leaves the skin with a matt non-shiny finish. The cream also contains SPF 10 which I was very impressed with as I always like to wear a SPF on my face no matter what time of year it is.

Dibi Milano Pure Perfection Sebo Balance Cream 2

The first time I used the cream however it really made my eyes sting and I had to bathe them with warm water, so I made sure to keep it away from the eye area after that.

I didn’t really see a reduction in spots and blemishes whilst using these Dibi Milano products, but my combination skin has seemed a lot less oily, particularly on my chin.

Dibi Milano Logo

Something that did disappoint me with both of the Pure Pefection products is that their ingredients are both full of parabens, and in the future I would really like it if Dibi Milano were to replace these with more natural preservative ingredients.

I’ll definitely be listening out to hear more about Dibi Milano in the coming months, as I think they might do well over here in the UK.

Have you ever heard of Dibi Milano before, or tried any of their products?

Pure Perfection Sebo-Balance Cleansing Gel is priced at £27 for 200ml, available from Dibi Milano.

Pure Perfection Sebo-Balance Cream is priced at £59 for 50ml, available from Dibi Milano.

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*PR samples


    • Yeah I know, if they could replace those with something more natural I would prefer it. xx

  1. Hello ☺ thank you for the honest review of these products. I never heard of the brand as well, not until today. I had my facial treatment earlier and the owner explained more about Dibi Milano. At first, I thought she was just trying to win me over but when I got home I googled about the brand and now I believe what she told me was the truth. Since I am having acne problem (recently) and the scars are very frustrating, I had a gemlight facial treatment and porcelain whitening facial to fix them. I can see the instant result but I think it takes more than one or two facial treatments before I can say that I believe in the products. The lady also packed me with some samples (just like the one you posted – green label) and also samples with the pink labels. I guess I have to check more on the seven product lines. Hope to hear more about this brand soon.

  2. I used Pure equalizer for acnee (the bifazic liquid, powder cleaned, and the cream) and also a cream for blemishes from them (i think white science) and it was the first time i saw results after I’ve been to doctors and tried all kind of treatments. Their products are great, but you also have to know which one to use it.

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