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Posted by on Sep 3, 2014 in Bath & Body, Skincare | 3 comments

Cosmic Beauty – Facial Sheet Masks

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Cosmic Beauty Asian Sheet Masks Review

I was recently contacted by Cosmic Beauty who are a UK provider of South East Asian beauty products – mainly facial sheet masks. They sell their products via Amazon and Facebook, and they sent me a selection of sheet masks to try. The masks included several for the face, plus an eye mask and a couple for the hands and feet – I didn’t even realise you could get sheet masks for hands and feet!

As I’ve tried quite a few of these masks I’m only going to talk in detail today about 2 of them, otherwise the post would be extremely long!

Cosmic Beauty Face Q Sheet Masks

Face Q is a range of facial sheet masks from Taiwan. If you haven’t tried a facial sheet mask before, it is a thin cottony sheet soaked in a liquid product that you place over your face and leave for a while (just like you would do a regular cream mask). It has holes for the eyes, nose and mouth so you can still see and breathe while you wear it. In the past I have found sheet masks quite fiddly to apply and a bit drippy and messy, so I usually prefer regular cream masks over sheet masks. The Face Q range has cute packaging and comes in a range of different flavours – the one I am going to talk about here is the Ocean & Aloe Mask.

The main active ingredients in the Face Q Ocean & Aloe Mask* are aloe vera and seaweed extract which aim to moisturise and refresh the skin and create a barrier to hold in the moisture – particularly beneficial for dry skins. On opening the packet I found that the mask wasn’t too drippy which was good, but I did find it a little bit slimy which made it difficult to apply the mask to my face and get it to stick – the mask was also a bit big for my face, although you can trim them down with scissors. Once the mask was in place I relaxed for 20 minutes – be sure not to open the door to anyone while you’re wearing it or they’ll get a shock!

After removing the mask I gently rinsed the residue away (you can leave it on the skin and massage it in, but there was rather a lot of it) before applying my usual toner and moisturiser. My face did feel soft, supple and moisturised immediately afterwards, but I’m not too sure if there was a lasting effect as the next morning my skin felt the same as it usually does.

Face Q is a fun, affordable range of facial sheet masks, and although I probably wouldn’t use them regularly I do think they’d be great for girls’ nights in and slumber parties – it would be useful to have a friend help you apply it too!

Cosmic Beauty Face Q Ocean Sheet Mask Ingredients

The downside to the masks is that all of the Face Q packet instructions, apart from the ingredients, are in Taiwanese so you might need to use the internet to check to see which mask is best for which type of skin, etc. If you’re a bit unsure then Cosmic Beauty give a full description of each mask on their Amazon shop.

Other varieties of the Face Q mask include Ellagic Acid Brightening & Firming Mask, and Red Pomegranate and COQ10 Mask (this one smells nice!).

Face Q Ocean & Aloe Mask is priced at £15 for a box of 10, available from Cosmic Beauty on Amazon.

Cosmic Beauty Sasatinnie Glove & Boot Masks

The next mask I am going to talk about is the Sasatinnie Pomegranate Hand Gloves* sheet mask from Korea, which helps to rejuvenate and firm the skin on the hands. I actually prefer these ‘glove’ masks to the face ones, as they have a protective plastic coating around the outside of the softer cotton gauze mask which prevents the liquid from leaking out, so they’re much cleaner and easier to use – a bit like wearing rubber gloves. The two gloves are attached together at the opening, and you simple pull them apart then slip them on like gloves and leave for 15-20 minutes. The gloves were a bit big (I have quite small hands) so they didn’t stick tight to my hands, but I actually quite enjoyed using these, they’re good fun and left my hands feeling moist but a bit cold.

Cosmic Beauty Sasatinnie Glove Mask

Two of the main ingredients in the gloves are pomegranate extract which is anti-aging and green tea extract which contains anti-oxidants. I expected the Pomegranate Hand Gloves would have a strong fruity smell, and there was a fragrance there but it was more of an artificial alcohol-y perfumey scent.

Luckily the instructions and information on the packet of this mask are in English, so it was easy to find out how to use the Pomegranate Hand Gloves. I was surprised to see how many ingredients were in them, and disappointed to read that they include parabens – I’d love to see a more natural version of these glove masks.

Cosmic Beauty Sasatinnie Pomegranate Hand Glove Mask Ingredients

The foot gloves are the same as the hand gloves, except they’re shaped like little socks! Both the gloves and boots are also available in peach which is smoothing and hydrating. The peach version does smell of peach, but it’s still not a very natural scent and is a bit synthetic.

Sasatinnie Pomegranate Hand Gloves masks are priced at £3 each, available from Cosmic Beauty on Amazon.

Overall I think Cosmic Beauty have done a great job in bringing together their collection of Asian facial sheet masks available to customers in the UK. I love trying new Asian beauty products but they’re not always easily to source and can sometimes have high shipping costs, but Cosmic Beauty offer FREE UK DELIVERY from their Amazon and EBay stores.

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*PR samples


  1. These are so cute! I love a good sheet mask and the hand mask is such a neat idea 🙂

    • It’s great, it saves paying really high shipping prices and customs charges. xx

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