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Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Makeup | 4 comments

Budget eye make-up from W7

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W7 budget eye makeup review

I love discovering great budget make-up products and W7 is one of my favourite brands for this. A couple of months ago I reviewed a selection of their affordable lip products, and today I’m going to be telling you about some of their eye make-up…

W7 Pearl Eyes

W7 Pearl Eyes pencils* – first up are these chunky eye pencils in Park Lane and Easy Does It. Park Lane is a dark chestnut brown and Easy Does It is a reddy bronze. Both shades have a pearlised shimmer to them and smudge nicely with a cotton bud.

In the swatch image below, from left to right – Park Lane, Easy Does It.

W7 Pearl Eyes Swatch

Park Lane is easily my favourite and has replaced my trusty black eyeliner for a while now. I just draw on a little at the outer corners of both my upper and lower lash lines then smudge with a cotton bud for a low key look. You could also use them all over the eyelid as a shadow, they’re long lasting too and don’t really smudge as long as you use a good primer underneath.

W7 Argan Eyes Mascara

W7 Argan Eyes Mascara* – I’m always on the lookout for a good mascara and this one is OK if you want a fairly natural effect. The shade is Blackest Black and the wand is very fat with short plastic bristles.

W7 Argan Eyes Mascara Brush

Argan Eyes doesn’t really thicken or lengthen the lashes, it just coats each one with a thin layer of mascara to define the natural lash look. I have found that I get the occasional smudge underneath the bottom lashes when I wear this mascara, and I do prefer a thickening mascara that gives my lashes more definition, so sadly this isn’t one of my favourites.

W7 Argan Eyes Mascara Eyes

If you like a natural lash look this might be a good mascara for you though, see what it looks like on my lashes after two coats in the image above.

W7 Angled Eyeshadow Brush

W7 Angled Eyeshadow Brush* – I have a good collection of make-up brushes – both budget and high-end – and I’m always happy to add to it! I didn’t know that W7 did brushes before receiving this one, and I’ll definitely be checking out some more of them now.

This Angled Eyeshadow Brush has short dense bristles that feel soft and silky to the touch. It’s not too stiff, and good for creating a gentle, soft eyeline using powder, or for smudging a pencil liner to soften it. You could also use it to press and blend a darker shade into the crease of the eye socket.

After doing a bit of investigation it seems that there are 17 W7 make-up brushes available, I’m going to be checking out some of the face ones soon!

W7 Keep Em Dry

W7 Keep Em’ Dry* – this is a revolutionary product, something that I’ve never seen before! It’s a waterproof mascara top coat that you apply over any regular mascara to make it waterproof! Such a great idea.

I’m not really one for waterproof mascara as I find it can make my eyelashes stick together and I always find it difficult to remove, so it’s not something that I wear regularly. However on the occasion that I do need to wear it (funerals, weepy films) I usually have to rush out to buy one at the last minute. So this is a great product that will replace the need for owning separate waterproof mascaras.

The product itself is a slightly translucent white mascara that you apply over the top of your regular mascara like a top coat, and it dries clear. I’ve only used this a couple of times so far – you do need to make sure you apply it carefully so that you cover all of your lashes, but I’ve found it works OK. You will need a make-up remover to remove your mascara at night, I find that Garnier Micellar Water does the trick.

So overally a great selection of affordable eye make-up products. Personally my favourites are the Pearl Eyes pencils and the Angled Eyeshadow Brush.

I find that the best places to buy W7 make-up from are usually eBay and Amazon as you can get some real bargains, and the products aren’t always available on the high street anyway…

W7 Pearl Eyes Pencils are priced at around £2.99 each, available from eBay.

W7 Argan Eyes Mascara is priced at around £2.99, available from eBay.

W7 Brushes start from around £2, available from eBay.

W7 Keep Em’ Dry is priced at around £2.68, available from eBay.

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  1. I always hear bloggers rave about W7 products — I think I must be the only one who hasn’t liked what she’s tried! These sound like nice products from your post, but I’m so hesitant to try anything more from them based on my previous experiences.

  2. If you ever get chance you should go to a Beauty Outlet store! There isn’t many around but if you live close to any (There’s one in Cheshire Oaks, Stoke-on-Trent,Castleford & Fleetwood, a few other places too) they are a main stockist of W7 product and sell branded names at discounted prices!

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