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Posted by on Mar 20, 2015 in Skincare | 1 comment

Botanicals – Radiance Serum

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Botanicals Radiance Serum Review

I love natural skincare brand Botanicals and have recently also reviewed their Cleansing Melt and Nourishing Face Balm. All of Botanicals’ products are blended by hand in rural England and contain no no petrochemicals or synthetic additives, plus they are approved by the Soil Association, are suitable for vegans and are never tested on animals.

Radiance Serum is a blend of natural oils that give revitalising effects to the skin. The main ingredients include apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil, jojoba, evening primrose, lavender, mandarin and chamomile. Avocado is known to increase collagen in the skin giving a plumping effect and is sometimes known as ‘nature’s botox’!

Botanicals Radiance Serum Ingredients

The scent of Radiance Serum is beautiful, the lavender really comes through but it also has a citrusy undertone and it smells natural and relaxing.

Although it’s called a serum it’s really a golden coloured oil – it’s very different to the consistency of other serums that you’d find on the high street – and I’ve been using it as a nighttime moisturiser rather than applying it before moisturiser like you might do with a regular serum.

If you apply it like a serum before your regular moisturiser you’ll probably need only 2-3 drops to cover your face, however if you use it as a moisturiser you’ll probably need around 5 drops.

Botanicals Radiance Serum 2

I’ve been using this product every night for around 2 weeks now, after which I have been massaging a drop or two of Tea Tree essential oil onto a couple of blemish patches that flared up on my cheeks around a month ago. Thankfully the patches have now calmed down and the red scarring has all but completely faded – I put this down to a combination of the natural Radiance Serum and the Tea Tree oil.

My forehead has also been very dry recently with flaky patches and this dryness has now cleared up too since using Botanicals Radiance Serum.

Botanicals Radiance Serum

One of the main things that I love about this product is that you can easily understand every single ingredient in the list, and you can’t say that about the majority of skincare products these days. It feels so gentle on the skin, and being 99% organic I know that it’s not doing my skin any harm and it doesn’t contain any nasty preservatives or colourings.

I can’t recommend Radiance Serum, or the Botanicals brand, highly enough. Please, if you’re interested in natural skincare please give them a try. I admit some of the products aren’t cheap but they go a long way, this bottle of serum is going to last me for months!

UPDATE 17th August 2017 – Since writing this post the label on the bottle has changed slightly and is now orange, but it’s still the same great product inside the bottle!

Radiance Serum is priced at £30 for 30ml, available from Botanicals.

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