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Posted by on Mar 2, 2015 in Makeup | 2 comments

Benecos – Vegan Eye Make-Up

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Benecos Natural Eye Make-Up Review

Benecos is a brand that I hadn’t really heard of until a few weeks ago when I tried their Shampoo for Silky Hair. All of their products are free of parabens & silicones etc, contain 100% natural and organic ingredients and are certified vegan.

I was interested to hear that as well as haircare and skincare Benecos also do make-up, I think there’s a real lack of natural and vegan make-up around, so I was eager to see what they had to offer. The Natural Eyebrow Designer* pencil and Vegan Wonder Natural Mascara* are both fairly new products from the Benecos range.

Benecos Vegan Wonder Mascara

Vegan Wonder Natural Mascara – I’ve only used this a few times so far and I think it’s OK. I usually like to go for thickening, curling, plumping mascaras that add volume and length and give me lots of thick black lashes, whereas this Benecos mascara gives more of a natural looking effect and if you want to build up the coverage on your lashes then you need to add more coats.

Benecos Vegan Wonder Mascara Brush

The brush is shaped a little bit like a Christmas tree, with very wide bristles that narrow down to a point at the end. The thin end is very useful for adding mascara to the lower lashes, or for any small lashes at the inner corners of the eyes.

The shade is Steel Grey which I found a little bit odd, I’m not too sure that there are many grey mascaras available out there, but it does look fairly dark and almost black when it’s on the lashes.

Benecos Vegan Wonder Mascara Lashes

The image above shows what Vegan Wonder Natural Mascara in Steel Grey looks like on my lashes, as you can see it looks quite natural. I’ve also got a smudge of black eye liner towards the outer corner of my eyes… that’s not smudged mascara!

I think if you’re looking for a vegan mascara then this one is a good start. It’s the first vegan one that I’ve tried and it’s better than some other regular high street mascaras, it doesn’t give me as much thickness and volume to the lashes as I’d usually like but if you like a more natural look from your mascara then this would be a good choice. The ingredients include Vitamin E and nourishing Avocado Oil which help to care for your lashes – I like the idea that you are caring for your lashes whilst you wear your make-up.

Benecos Natural Eyebrow Designer Pencil

Natural Eyebrow-Designer pencil – Despite having blonde hair I usually use quite a dark product on my eyebrows as they’re quite thin and I like them to stand out so that they frame my eyes properly. So when I received the blonde Benecos Eyebrown-Designer pencil I was a bit worried that it might be a bit pale for me, but it’s actually a nice mid-brown shade and great for a natural make-up look.

The pencil itself is quite hard, but that’s not too bad a thing for an eyebrow pencil as you don’t want it to smudge everywhere. There is a spiral brush at one end too which is a nice touch, although personally I prefer a stiff straight brush for my eyebrows.

Benecos Natural Eyebrow Designer Pencil Swatch

You can see the shade of the eyebrow pencil on the swatch image above, although I think it looks a bit darker when it’s actually on the eyebrows.

At just £4.95 I think this product is good value – it easily rivals a high street eyebrow pencil in price, plus it has the brush on one end and it’s vegan. I’d definitely recommend it, plus it also comes in a gentle brown and a dark brown option.

Benecos Natural Eyebrow Designer Before After

You can see from the before and after image above that the pencil defines the eyebrow whilst giving it some natural colour. I’m not sure I’d wear it for a night out – I’d go for something a bit darker – but for everyday wear it looks great.

Benecos Vegan Wonder Natural Mascara in Steel Grey is priced at £7.95 for 5.5ml, available from Pravera.

Benecos Natural Eyebrow-Designer pencil in Blonde is priced at £4.95, available from Pravera.

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