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Posted by on Oct 10, 2013 in Makeup | 0 comments

Beautiful Movements – Mineral Foundation Powder

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Beautiful Movements Mineral Foundation Powder Review

Regular readers of Beauty Best Friend may have already read my review of Prime & Create Mixing Medium and Concealer Powder from Beautiful Movements Cosmetics (you can read that review here). Today I am reviewing Mineral Foundation Powder*, which should also be mixed with Prime & Create to form a cream foundation.

Beautiful Movements used to be known as BM Beauty and one of their co-founders is stunning ex-Pussycat Doll Kimberley Wyatt. Beautiful Movements are a natural cosmetic brand and their products are free from parabens, animal products, synthetic dyes & fragrances, neither are they tested on animals.

Kimberley Wyatt

Kimberley Wyatt, co-founder of Beautiful Movements Cosmetics

I have been using Mineral Foundation Powder in Naked, a pale colour with balanced undertones, part of the Vanilla Rose collection. Using a small white porcelain saucer and my Bobbi Brown Foundation brush I mixed a hazelnut-sized blob of Prime & Create Mixing Medium with a very fine sifting of Foundation Powder, then blended it carefully. It took me quite a while to get the consistency right and to work out how much of each product I needed to use as neither product came with instructions, however after a great deal of blending I was left with a blended foundation cream.

Beautiful Movements Mineral Foundation Powder Mixing

I found that to get the perfect foundation consistency I only needed a tiny bit of the powder or the texture goes very chalky and powdery. One 10g tub of powder would last for months, however the Mixing Medium would run out a lot quicker as you need to use a lot more of this product.

The swatch images below show how the foundation looked when I had first applied it thickly, and then blended it to give a fine, even coverage. I found that the blending was best done with a foundation brush, if I used my fingers the texture turned quite powdery and chalky. I did find that the foundation was a little difficult to blend on my skin, it gave quite a matt powdery finish and I don’t think it would be suitable for very dry skins.

Beautiful Movements Mineral Foundation Powder Swatches

I love the fact that this Mineral Foundation Powder is made from natural ingredients, but personally I would find it too time-consuming to mix up my foundation every time I needed it. I would love to see Beautiful Movements bring out some more ‘ready-to-wear’ products as I think all the mixing could put people off. Beautiful Movements do offer a range of lip glosses and a mascara that I would love to try, but most of their other products are based on mineral powders that need mixing or blending.

Beautiful Movements Mineral Foundation Powder

Prime & Create Mixing Medium is a clear gel with a slightly silky feel to it and contains aloe vera which is kind to skin and helps to aid healing. It can be mixed with mineral foundation and concealer powders for matte finish maximum coverage, it also has several other uses – see my previous post here for a full review.

UPDATE 22/10/2013 – Since writing the above review I have been advised from the helpful folks at Beautiful Movements that the Mineral Foundation Powder can also be applied as a foundation neat, without mixing it with the Mixing Medium. Just apply the foundation powder in gentle circular movements to the face using a large brush, building up the coverage as you go. I actually really like this method of using the product, I have been wearing a thin layer of the foundation powder which gives a ‘barely there’ coverage and feels light on the skin.

Mineral Foundation Powder is priced at £14 for 10g, available from Beautiful Movements, there are 8 shades available.

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*PR sample


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