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Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Nails & Nail Art | 0 comments

Barry M – Pink Sapphire Glitter Nail Paint

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Barry M Pink Sapphire Glitter Nail Paint Review

You may have read last week’s post on my Barry M Nail Paint Haul… well here is the review of the second glitter nail polish, Pink Sapphire Glitter.

In the bottle the flecks of pink and silver glitter hexagons and silver glitter strips appear very dense, but they do apply to the nail quite thinly and need several coats for the glitter to appear thick enough. In the image above I have applied three coats of the Pink Sapphire Glitter nail paint, followed by one coat of clear top coat to help seal in the glitter, and I still feel the nails could do with another coat of the glitter. The problem with applying so many coats of nail polish (particularly ones containing glitter) is that when the polish is so thick it makes it prone to chipping.

I still love this polish though, it’s so lovely and sparkly and really catches the light. I think it would look lovely layered over a bright pink Summery shade of nail paint, or as a ‘gelly sandwich’ – the new craze for glitter polishes. A gelly sandwich is when you paint a couple of coats of a shiny gelly nail paint on your nails, then apply a couple of coats of a contrasting glitter nail paint over the top, and then finish off with another coat of the gelly nail paint. In effect the glitter is suspended inside the layers of gelly nail paint, like a sandwich – the gelly polish is your bread and the glitter polish is your ham and cheese (or brie and black grape depending on how posh you like your sandwiches). I will have some examples of gelly sandwich nail looks coming soon to the Beauty Best Friend blog.

Barry M Pink Sapphire Glitter Nail Paint Review

The only major downfall to this Pink Sapphire Glitter nail paint is that it is one of the most difficult glitter nail paints I have had the misfortune to remove. The hexagons of glitter really got stuck fast to my nails, and I ended up having to scratch off the remnants leaving me with rather rough looking nails. Still, nothing a bit of hand cream and cuticle oil won’t sort out.

UPDATE 30th Jan 2018 – Pink Sapphire Glitter nail paint is no longer available from Barry M, but there are just LOADS of new collections that have been recently brought out including the fab-u-lous Glitterati range, if you like Pink Sapphire then you’ll love Barry M Glitterati Glitter Nail Polish in Socialite, just £2.99, with its scrummy shimmery raspberry glitter finish.

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