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Posted by on Jun 8, 2015 in Makeup | 8 comments

An instant Instagram filter for your face?

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Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander Review

New Magic Minerals* minerals powder by Jerome Alexander has been dubbed an ‘instant Instagram filter for the face’. It’s a pressed powder that acts as a foundation, concealer and colour corrector all in one, and I was interested to see if it really lived up to the claims as I really like using a powder foundation and this sounded like something that I hadn’t come across before.

Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander Colours

A natural mineral make-up with SPF, the pressed powder contains four different coloured powder ‘blobs’ within it, each shade intended to cover or hide a different issue, for example the Mint green shade aims to tone down red complexions.

Magic Minerals powder comes in a dark grey mirror compact with a soft stubby brush for applying the powder and a blending sponge.

Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander

I would say that the packaging isn’t particularly attractive but the cardboard holder does explain the product in detail, including the benefits and the ingredients. I found it quite difficult to get the products out of the packaging though, they’re sealed between two layers of plastic and card and I had to resort to scissors to release them! At least I knew that my Magic Minerals powder was untouched – not like when you sometimes buy products in Boots or the supermarket and you’re not sure who’s had their fingers in your make-up!

Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander Packaging

You are supposed to apply the powder to your face using the stubby brush then blend with the sponge, but I found that the brush was too soft and fluffy to really get enough product onto or to press the product onto the skin, so I prefer using my Real Techniques Stippling Brush to apply it. It’s a very fine powder and can be a bit messy (little flecks get all over the palette, my hands and the dressing table) but the colour is really natural. It looks quite dark in the palette but it really natural on my pale skin and I suspect it’s the sort of shade that looks good on most skintones.

Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander Swatch

The shade is so natural that you can’t even see that the powder is there on the swatch image above, but let me assure you it definitely is!

The coverage is fairly light though and it doesn’t really act as a concealer and cover marks or blemishes. I’m not too sure about the colour corrective specks either, they don’t seem to wear down as you use the powder so I’m a bit sceptical as to how much of the coloured powders actually go onto your skin.

Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander Close Up

The other downside is that Magic Minerals really shows up any dry flaky patches of skin – not usually a problem for me but my skin does seem to be unnaturally dry and dehydrated at the moment, and I have a dry patch on my forehead and a couple on my nose which are made even more obvious by this powder.

As much as I like powder foundation products I don’t really feel that Magic Minerals is for me. I really like the natural shade and the fact that it contains an SPF but that’s about as far as it goes, I prefer a bit more coverage from my powders.

Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander is priced at £9.99, available from HighStreetTV.

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*PR samples


  1. I don’t need heavy coverage so magic minerals is ideal.Have been using it for some years

    • As a foundation and concealer in one it would save having to pack 2 separate products in your case! xx

  2. Oooh, this looks good, might have to give it a go x

  3. My mum purchased this a few weeks ago after seeing it on TV. I have to agree with you, we both tried it and were not impressed, it felt kind of… cheap? I certainly don’t like the brush and the coloured specks definitely don’t wear down! I 100% will not be purchasing it!

    Great honest review, nice to read!

    Emma Louise

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