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Posted by on May 28, 2016 in Skincare | 0 comments

Amelia Moss Natural Skincare

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Amelia Moss Natural Skincare Review

I’m a huge fan of natural skincare, I just hate those long ingredient lists that you get on a lot of skincare labels full of complicated words that you can’t pronounce and don’t know what they are. In fact a lot of the ingredients may not actually be anything that benefits your skin at all, they could be preservatives, emulsifiers, colours or fragrances and they may actually have a detrimental effect on your skin or your health.

I’m also a great believer that using natural oils on your skin is the best way forward, ever since I first tried Rosehip Oil from Trilogy I’ve been hooked! A lot of people, particularly those with oily skins, are very nervous of using oils as cleansers or moisturisers as they worry that it may make their skin even more oily. But it doesn’t, in fact using natural oils on your skin actually counteracts your skin’s natural oiliness and can help your skin to calm down.

Recently I was contacted by Amelia Moss Natural Skincare to ask if I’d be interested in trying out a couple of their products and I jumped at the chance. I was sent a bottle of their Rose Water and a bottle of their Barbary Fig Oil, both of which are 100% natural, pure and organic.

Amelia Moss Natural Skincare Packaging

The first thing that struck me was the packaging, each bottle was housed in a little cardboard box with my name on (I love the personalised touch!) and wrapped in golden tissue paper. Sometimes in the world of skincare we’re bombarded with so many different products and bottles that these little special touches make a brand stand out. Once I opened up the boxes I found that the products were very simple and pretty, glass bottles with pastel labels and the Amelia Moss branding up the side.

Amelia Moss Rose Water

The first of the two products that I tried out was the Rose Water. I’d just run out of toner so this arrived at the perfect time! Rose Water can be used to cleanse and tone the skin, although if you want to use it as a cleanser I’d recommend only using it on days when you’ve not been wearing much make-up and don’t try to use it to remove eye make-up as it’s so gentle that it won’t dissolve stubborn mascara or eyeliner.

Rose Water is perfect for all types of skin, even oily, as it helps to absorb excess oil and shine. I absolutely adore this and use it as a toner every night before bed, it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed, cool and clean. Plus I love the gentle rose scent, although I know that the fragrance can be deemed a bit old fashioned.

Amelia Moss Rose Water is such a versatile product, you can also mix it with mineral clay to make a face mask, or keep it in the fridge for hot Summer days then dab a few drops onto a cotton pad and use it to cool down your face.

Amelia Moss Barbary Fig Oil

I’ve used quite a few oils on my face before but never a Barbary Fig Oil. This 100% organic cold-pressed oil is said to be rejuvenating as it’s full of antioxidants and omega-6 and it’s great for oily or combination skin as it evens out oily patches and helps to moisturise dry patches.

It’s a beautiful golden coloured oil and you only need around 5 drops to cover the whole face. Just apply it like you would a moisturiser after cleansing and toning, it’s best applied at night so the oil can go to work on your skin while you sleep. The dropper is quite large and it’s easy to dispense a drop or few too much of the oil so a steady hand is a must here.

I absolutely love this Barbary Fig Oil, my skin has been clear since I started using it and my chin and nose haven’t been too oily either even in the warmer weather. I do find that the scent of the oil is a bit strange though, it’s an earthy fruit smell, a bit like raisins – although I guess given the fact that this is made from the Barbary Fig tree it makes sense!

Amelia Moss Rose Water & Barbary Fig Oil

I’m so pleased that I discovered the Amelia Moss brand, the products are both simple and beautiful and I love the fact they use only 100% natural ingredients. They also offer Jojoba Oil, Rhassoul Clay (to mix with the Rose Water to make a face mask) and Rosehip Oil – so if you’re already a fan of Trilogy Rosehip Oil or another brand then you should definitely try out the Amelia Moss offering.

Rose Water starts at £12 for 120ml, available from Amelia Moss.

Barbary Fig Oil is priced at £40 for 30ml, available from Amelia Moss.

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