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Why I've been AWOL... | Beauty Best Friend - UK Beauty Blog
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Posted by on Nov 1, 2016 in Random | 0 comments

A personal post – why I’ve been AWOL

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A personal post - Why I've been AWOL

So regular readers of Beauty Best Friend will know that I don’t really do personal blog posts…. but you might have also noticed that my posts and reviews have been rather few and far between during the past couple of months. So I wanted to give a quick update on what’s currently happening with my life, why I’ve been rather absent and what the future holds for my blog:

After a busy Summer of blogging in September 2015 I gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter. My husband and I were very well prepared and organised for her arrival but what I wasn’t prepared for was just how much time a young child takes up. In the early days I was able to write blog posts while she slept (which wasn’t very much during the day, but she did sleep well at night) but as she’s got older I’ve found it more and more difficult to find the time to write blog posts and more specifically to take the photos that accompany them. I love being a mum, but it’s very demanding in a way you can’t quite imagine before you have a child, and the issue that I struggle with the most is the lack of me-time. This is getting easier as she’s growing up though, she’s starting to spend time on her own with our family and friends and I’m slowly getting myself back.

Then earlier this year I volunteered to help a local charity out with their website revamp, this took up quite a large amount of my spare time and again my blog suffered in early Summer because of this. Thankfully this work is all finished now, although I really enjoyed helping out at the time.

I’ve also recently started back at work, I make handcrafted silver jewellery and sell it via my Etsy store, Dream of Silver. I’ve reduced all of the prices in the hope that I can sell off all my old silver jewellery stock so that in the New Year I can get creative again and design some new pieces. It’s true what they say, if you turn your hobby into a job you can often end up not enjoying it as much, and I want to reignite my excitement again for silversmithing. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift then feel free to have a browse of my silver jewellery, there are loads of unique handcrafted silver pieces starting from £7.50.

Hammered Wire Heart Bangle from Dream of Silver       Bird Print Heart Silver Necklace from Dream of Silver       Rock Star Silver & Copper Necklace from Dream of Silver

While I’m not making jewellery I’m also juggling being a mum with trying to get back into shape. Before giving birth I was always quite active and after giving birth I suddenly found that none of my clothes fit me! So during the last few months I’ve made a big effort to get fit and lose weight – you can read about one of the ways that I lost the baby weight in a recent blog post.

So with a combination of being a mum, charity work, fitness and silversmithing I’m afraid my blog has had to take a back seat for quite a while. So what does the future hold for Beauty Best Friend? Well I hope you’ll be pleased to know that I still really enjoying blogging and reviewing make-up and skincare products and I’m not about to go anywhere! I really enjoy the freedom and creativity that writing allows me and while the blog posts will continue to be sporadic for a little longer I have lots of plans for future posts. I’ve also been doing one or two tweaks to improve things – have you read my updated ‘About’ page?

I’d love to hear from my readers, to find out what sort of posts you enjoy reading the most and what it is about Beauty Best Friend that you like. This will help me shape my blog for the future, and hopefully I’ll continue to write my blog for years to come! So leave me a comment below, or why not get in touch on Twitter?

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