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Posted by on Aug 27, 2015 in Makeup | 1 comment

The W7 dupe for Benefit High Beam that’s under £3

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Benefit High Beam Dupe W7 Pinterest

I really love discovering new products from budget beauty brand W7, they’re so affordable and yet they so often produce amazing dupes for cult beauty items from other brands. They’re really affordable too and they have a mahoosive range of products.

Sadly W7 products are not often available in high street shops and it’s easy to miss out; the answer is to have the occasional trawl through Amazon to see what’s on offer from W7!

W7 Night Glow

Night Glow is a liquid illuminating highlighter that comes in a small bottle that looks a bit like a nail varnish bottle. You can use it to highlight certain areas of the face, like the cheekbones, or you can mix a drop in with your liquid foundation to give your skin an all over glow. I like to use it to accentuate and highlight my cheekbones, I paint a few drops onto my fingers then dab and stipple the shimmery liquid all over the cheekbone area being careful not to rub or drag the skin as this can remove the foundation underneath. You could use a sponge to apply Night Glow too.

W7 Night Glow Packaging

W7 Night Glow is a nice subtle alternative to the current trend of strobing if you don’t want something too light or shiny on your face, and if you want more of an obvious shimmer you can build up the coverage.

What’s more W7 Night Glow is a total dupe for the expensive High Beam liquid highlighter from Benefit – in fact the W7 option is currently only £2.96 which is £18.50 cheaper! Have a look at the swatch image below:

Benefit High Beam Dupe W7 Swatch

The two products are almost identical, W7 Night Glow is just half a shade more pink than its Benefit counterpart but not enough for it to matter. So as much as I love Benefit High Beam I’d always go for the cheaper W7 Night Glow option!

W7 Night Glow is available from Amazon for a miniscule £2.96 with FREE UK delivery! Or if you’d prefer to splash out on Benefit High Beam that’s £19.50, available from Benefit Cosmetics.

What are your favourite dupe products?

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